Variant Dials

If you want to adjust the druid class to better suit your own campaign and playstyle, then consider these variant dials.


If your campaign supports multiclassing, then apply these modifiers when taking the druid as a multiclass option:

  • Minimum Requirement: Wisdom 13.
  • Proficiencies: Light armor, medium armor, shields (druids will not wear armor or use shields made of metal).
  • Primal Power: You can't spend primal power until you are 3rd-level.

Restricted Retraining

If you want to make retraining a little more significant or costly for the druid, try using these options.


To change your druid cantrips, you must be in a safe sanctuary—such as a village, town, or city—where you are able to concentrate on your training.


To change your druid cantrips, you must have access to appropriate facilities—forests, druid groves, animal companions and mentors, etc.

Short Rest Recovery

This supplement emphasizes taking long rests as a primary recovery mechanic. To put a focus on taking short rests for the druid, however, use this alternative class table.

Class Features

Druid (Short Rest Recovery)

Level Primal Power
1st 1
2nd 1
3rd 2
4th 2
5th 3
6th 3
7th 4
8th 4
9th 5
10th 5

You recover all expended primal power when you finish a short or long rest.