Variant Dials

If you want to adjust the sorcerer class to better suit your own campaign and playstyle, then consider these variant dials.


If your campaign supports multiclassing, apply these modifiers to use the sorcerer as a multiclass option:

  • Minimum Requirement: Charisma 13.
  • Proficiencies: None.
  • Metamagic: You can't use any mastered metamagics until you are a 3rd-level sorcerer.

Spell Slots

Supreme sorcerers don't use spell slots—they burn their own inner sorcery.

When multiclassing with other classes that feature spell slots (wizard, bard, cleric, etc), don't include your sorcerer level when calculating your number of multiclass spellcaster spell slots.

Maximum Spell Level

Your maximum spell level is equal to either (a) your sorcerer's maximum spell level or (b) your highest spell slot, whichever is largest.

Restricted Retraining

If you want to make retraining a little more significant or costly for the sorcerer, try using these options.


To use your Sorcerous Versatility, you must be in a safe sanctuary—such as a village, town, or city—where you are able to concentrate on your arcane power.

Short Rest Recovery

Sorcerers—as with most spellcasters—recharge their power when they finish a long rest. However, if you want to support short rest recovery with the sorcerer, use this alternative class table:

Class Features

Sorcerer (Short Rest Recovery)

Level Sorcery Points
1st 2
2nd 3
3rd 6
4th 7
5th 11
6th 13
7th 15
8th 18
9th 22
10th 25

You recover all expended sorcery points when you finish a short rest.