Variant Dials

If you want to adjust the wizard class to better suit your own campaign and playstyle, then consider these variant dials.

Alternative Spellbooks

This supplement assumes a traditional form of spellbook. But if you want to use alternative spellbooks in your campaign—runes, foretelling bones, flowers, etc—consider the following:

  • Spellholder: Replace "spellpaper" with some other item onto which a spell can be imprinted—a runestone, a bone, special flower petals, etc.
  • Container: Replace "spellbooks" with some other form of container object—a bag, a box, a skull, etc.


If your campaign supports multiclassing, apply these modifiers to use the wizard as a multiclass option:

  • Minimum Requirement: Intelligence 13.
  • Proficiencies: None.
  • Arcane Tradition: Choose your arcane tradition at 3rd-level, not 1st.

You don't gain a spellbook automatically as a result of multiclassing, so make sure that you have the means to acquire one.

No Spellscript

This supplement introduces the academic language of spellscript. But if this is not suitable for your own game, then consider the following:

  1. Remove the Spellscript (1st-level) and Spellscript Savant (6th-level) class features.
  2. Remove the spellpaper item and associated features.

Spellbook Capacity

This supplement introduces a maximum capacity of 50 spell levels to spellbooks. If you want to alter this to suit your game style, consider the following changes:

  • Extra-Limited Capacity: Decrease the maximum capacity to 30 spell levels.
  • Extra-Thick Capacity: Increase the maximum capacity to 100 spell levels.
  • No Maximum Capacity: Remove the Capacity and Volatile spellbook item features.